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Goodall C2

The Formula 18 class is without a doubt the biggest and most professional class in the world. Goodall Design is proud to have the most advanced F18 on the market.

The Goodall C2 is the racing machine for those who what to push hard. Incorporating wave-piercing technology, the high volume bows provide a stability that allows sailors to drive the boat harder and faster with confidence.

Highly precise gybing centerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. This coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast and mainsail, gives teams the up wind advantage.

Goodall VIPER

The Viper is without a doubt the fastest 5m catamaran on the planet. Since its launch, it has won virtually every championship from Asia, America and Europe.

Ideal for mixed or youth teams, the VIPER is light and responsive in every aspect and this will give you the speed and excitement usually reserved for the bigger boats of the fleet - and you’ll beat them across the line in most cases too.

The Goodall VIPER is the versatile Sports Car that can be sailed either 1 or 2 up. By simply leaving the jib off, sailors have the ability to sail and race if their crew is not available.


Disponiamo in prontaconsegna di Ricambi per Capricorn , C2 e Viper.
Abbiamo disponibile in Italia alberi nuovi, boma, barre di accoppiamento e accessori per Capricorn, C2 e Viper

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